Gaming in 2019 – You can make money playing games.

Get ready for the best way to make money online. Writing reviews on your favorite games, here is mine on the mortal kombat 11

Game is great mechanically. It’s fun no doubt about that. Compare to past entries for NetherRealm Studios the animation in this game is superb. Awesome visuals, decent story, good amount of characters. Most of the costumes suck, since the studio is going for a “realistic” approach and honestly it is stupid when the male cast are half naked but the girls are more armored up than a tank. but I will give it a pass since the girls actually look decent compare to their past games.

However what makes me not recommend this game is the online. I don’t know why this is a problem and it seems to be barely brought up but I keep on desynching. When it does run well the game is pretty good, I would recommend, but out of 10 matches and only 1 of it actually went through the server, I don’t have the motivation to keep playing. If you want to play Mortal Kombat, play it on ps4. Safest best with the biggest community.

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