Season 9 Review

Even though I have not put many hours into this game I have to say it is not only well made, but very entertaining to play. The devs have done very well on giving us a game we can immerse ourselves into the world and every play through is like playing the game for the first time again. I’m highly against giving game devs in todays world extra money hoping they’ll do something with it but with these guys I have bought everything they have released simply because they, unlike most devs, put the money back into the game and make it better and better with every update/dlc. 10/10 highly encourage you give this game a chance. Check out the fortnite battle pass free videos on youtube!

Is it early access for a year… two, three, five, ten? NO!

Is basic game worth 50£? Is one by one DLC worth 40£? All spent for nothing? NO!

This game is just diffrent. I can only image that its just because developers are diffrent. They dont rip off. They deliver.

As much as I am happy about developers approach, as much I am happy about the game itself. It is not for everybody. It is special. Is it makes me special, as I absolutly like this game among others? 🙂

RPG. Tactics. Planning. Managing.

PS. Among many other so called developers these guys are worth support in my opinion. If they were able to make this game (with so little resourses) who knows what can they did next?

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